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A Letter From The Founder: What is Infinite Co. Charity Organization?

It's crazy to experience, time and time again, being stumped by this question; especially since the idea has been with me since circa 2016. Stumped might not even be the best word. What's the word for when a question inspires so much within you, that you could talk about it for hours, or it seems too complex to fit into 160 characters?

For now, lets just say that Infinite Co. is here to change the world - BUT - and this is a big but, I've come to view "changing the world" as a term that's thrown around a lot, when really it's a byproduct. To "change the world", you don't just do it. It would have to be a byproduct of something else. Infinite Co. is the something else.

For starters, here is our mission statement:

We are on a mission to create an inclusive, more compassionate, and enlightened society; one invigorated by a deeper understanding, appreciation, and a reverence for life – a process that happens first within, and then around us.

Infinite Co. creates stimulating learning environments through architecture and design, while continually innovating its practices to breathe life into every child’s natural desire to explore.

Our unique culture emphasizes one of psychological safety, embedded into everything we do, and each staff member alike – viewing education as an opportunity and means to enlarge the horizons of human perception.

As I read that while writing this, I thought to myself "okay this is cool, but it's a really fancy way of saying we're going to build a minimum of 1000 campuses across the world (and even Mars if Elon gets us there) in my lifetime, while completely innovating what we know as 'education' or 'schools' today."

In 20-30 years, what used to be referred to as "The Department of Education" or "School system" will be referred to and known as Infinite Co.

If you are still unsure of what we do, please allow me to try to put it simply: we build consciously cultivated education campuses, serving as environments to inspire and drive humanity forward by broadening the horizons of every child's perception.

Every Infinite Co. campus will serve as a safe haven, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and mentally.

Instead of simply teaching children what we know, based on our experiences or what we have been taught, Infinite Co. will nurture the natural curiosity within children and show them the possibilities of going beyond what we currently know or have experienced. The goal is for our future generations to have a more deeply profound experience of life, not to have the same experiences that we have had.

There will be a world free of hate, war, inequality, racism, classism, bullying, abuse, assault, trafficking, homelessness, and every other poison that has distracted humanity from realizing our full potential - and Infinite Co. is the path.

Crystallizing this vision will take time, resources, connections, and money. I have devoted my life to seeing this through - so that takes care of the time piece.

The first thing you learn in microeconomics is that most of the money in the world exists and flows between businesses - which is why I've decided to launch the Infinite Co. brand - a company devoted to cultivating environments where people can nourish themselves with some of the best resources and content from thought-leaders of past, present, and future; spearheaded by us living out the principles that have enriched our own lives.

Any wealth I personally amass from this arm of Infinite Co. is for the purpose of successfully building the charity organization. That is all that I want to do. Until we get there, you can support by donating, connecting us to people who share a similar vision, or checking out the Infinite Co. brand.

Email me if you feel drawn to this subject.

Thank you!

With gratitude,

Tarik Trotter

Founder, Infinite Co.

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